Patty and buns Hackney

Patty and buns Hackney Wick

Indulge your taste buds at Patty and Buns Hackney Wick! Discover mouthwatering burgers crafted with passion and perfection. Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure where juicy patties meet fresh, flavorful buns. Join us in Hackney Wick for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Bite into the extraordinary at Patty and Bun – your go-to destination for burger bliss in the heart of Hackney Wick.


In Hackney Wick, you will find culinary excellence and the art of crafting the perfect burger at Patty and Bun, a gastronomic haven. This culinary gem is located in Hackney Wick, a vibrant area that invites food enthusiasts to explore its delectable cuisine. With succulent patties combined with artisanal buns, Patty and Bun creates a symphony of flavours that will leave you breathless. This vibrant corner of East London is home to Patty and Bun, a restaurant that calls attention to the extraordinary. Join us in savouring the extraordinary at Patty and Bun Hackney Wick.


The humble patty, a culinary staple across the globe, is much more than just a burger component. In addition to its rich history and a variety of variations suited to a variety of palates and dietary preferences, this versatile food item, made from ground or chopped ingredients formed into a disc, has a rich history.


The English word ‘patty’ is an adaptation of the French word ‘pâté’. It originates from the pasty, a pastry-encased dish. Although the term has evolved significantly over time, its roots can be traced back to the 17th century. The term patties is synonymous with burgers in the culinary world, particularly in American English, whereas the term is less familiar in British English.

Patty: A Global Phenomenon

Throughout history, patties have been adapted to numerous cuisines throughout the world, demonstrating their remarkable adaptability. From the classic ground beef hamburger patty to innovative meat alternatives, patties have become a global phenomenon. They are compacted, shaped, and usually cooked, providing a canvas for culinary creativity.

Beyond Beef: The Rise of Alternative Patties

There has been an increase in popularity of vegetarian and vegan patties in recent years. Veggie burgers, made from vegetables, grains, vegetables, and soy products such as tofu, tempeh, or seitan, cater to vegetarians and vegans alike. Not only is it healthy, but it is also environmentally friendly to consume these meat-free choices.

Cultural Variations: Patties Around the World

It is common for patties to take on different forms and names across cultures. In Ireland, the battered burger, a beef patty dipped in batter and deep-fried, has been a popular delicacy for generations. In Japan, the Korokke, a breaded and deep-fried patty, is another popular variation. From the Salisbury steak in America to the pljeskavica in Southeast Europe, patties are a testament to culinary diversity.

Serving Styles: More Than Just a Burger Component

Even though patties are commonly associated with sandwiches, particularly burgers, they can be enjoyed in many different ways. Salisbury steaks, for example, may be served with knives and forks, while Songjeong tteok-galbi may be served with chopsticks. Additionally, patties serve as essential components in sandwiches, including the American patty melt and the Irish spice burger.

Commercial Production: A Peek Behind the Scenes

This food item is now easily available in frozen food aisles due to the mass production process that involves machine-forming, ensuring consistency in shape and size.


There are several types of buns, which vary in shape and size but are typically round and small enough to fit in your hand. Traditionally, buns are filled with savory ingredients such as those used in hamburgers. However, in some regions, a bun refers to a sweet pastry.


In the UK, the term ‘bun’ has different meanings depending on the region. Typically, the term ‘bun’ refers to a sweet, hand-sized cake in Southern England. Conversely, it refers to a small, round bread in Northern England. The term ‘bun’ is often used in Ireland to describe a sweet cake resembling the American cupcake.


When making sweet buns, the dough is enriched with additional sugar, butter, and sometimes egg, which distinguishes it from regular bread dough. Flour, milk, yeast, and a little bit of sugar and/or butter are the basic ingredients for making buns. Fruits or nuts often appear in sweet buns, which are often topped with caramel or icing and filled with jam or cream.


English-speaking countries commonly refer to Chinese baozi as ‘buns’ because they can be filled with either savory or sweet ingredients.

Patty and Buns Hackney

Patty and buns Hackney

Patty and buns Hackney

A variety of mouth-watering options are offered at Patty and Buns Hackney Wick at Number 90 Bar in London. There are a variety of burgers on their menu, each served with fries, including the “90’s Burger” with beef patty, smoked cheddar, and Monterey Jack cheese, and the “Crispy Buffalo Chicken Burger” with crispy chicken patty with hot sauce and Korean slaw. A vegetarian option is the “Roasted Portabello Mushroom Burger”, which features garlic-roasted portabello mushrooms with goat’s cheese and confit garlic mayo.


In addition to burgers, Number 90 also offers a range of salads, including the “Toasted Goat Cheese Salad” accompanied by grilled beetroot and shallot onions, as well as the “Vegan Superfood Salad” accompanied by roast squash and quinoa. Additionally, the Sunday Roast is well worth checking out, with a variety of options including “Roasted Chicken Breast” and “Beef Topside.”


Dessert items include “Eton Mess,” “Vanilla Cheesecake with Passionfruit Coulis,” and a variety of ice creams for those with a sweet tooth. There is something for everyone on their drinks menu, with a variety of cocktails, beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.


Number 90’s ambiance is equally impressive, featuring a large disco ball and handcrafted bespoke wooden decor inside, as well as a stunning canalfront terrace. As a Hackney Wick institution, this venue is not only a food venue; it is a cultural hub that celebrates music, art, comedy, film, and theatre, in addition to serving food.

Our Menu



6 oz beef patty with red onion chutney, monterey jack, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato & siracha mayo.



Crispy chicken coated in spicy Buffalo hot sauce sauce, with Korean slaw and Gochujang Mayo served on a Potato bun.



4 oz ground beef patty, Cheddar cheese, onion jam, smokey baconnaise sauce.



Meat f ree patty, red onion chutney, vegan cheese, lettuce, pickled cucumber, vegan smoked paprika mayo.



Garlic roast portabello mushroom, red onion & chilli jam, goat’s cheese & conf it garlic mayo.


Is patty and Bun a chain?

This agreement ensures that Patty & Bun’s existing locations will continue to operate as usual. The popular chain has eight locations in London and one in Brighton, in addition to two temporary pop-up locations.

Where is patty made from?

It is a compressed food item made typically from ground or minced meat, seasoned with salt, spices, and sometimes other ingredients. Additionally, minced fish without bones can also be used as a patty. Upon forming a cohesive mass, the mixture is flattened into a generally round shape.

What is the history of patties?

A Cornish pasty is believed to have inspired the origin story of the patty, a traditional food of miners in Cornwall who carried it into the tin mines for sustenance during lengthy shifts. In Jamaica, the patty is customarily served inside cocobread, which is a large, sweet bun similar to a hamburger bun.

Who invented patties?

Louis improvised when a customer requested a fast, hot meal and he found himself without any steaks. Louis used leftover ground beef, grilled it, and then sandwiched it between two slices of toast.


A culinary gem, Patty and Buns at Hackney Wick provides a unique and satisfying dining experience. This venue is located in the vibrant Hackney Wick area and serves as more than just a restaurant; it is also a cultural hub that features delicious food in an environment that is both enjoyable and engaging. Patty and Buns caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences through its diverse menu which includes burgers, salads, desserts, as well as an impressive selection of drinks. 


Featuring bespoke wooden decor and a picturesque canal-side terrace, the location is characterized by a charming ambiance. Patty and Buns Hackney Wick is a destination that promises a memorable experience to all visitors, whether it is for a casual meal, Sunday roast, or lively art and music events.


90 Main Yard, Wallis Road,

E9 5LN, London.