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5 reasons to come to Hackney Wick

5 reasons why you should come to the Wick!

Some of you we know have come to our beautiful neighborhood before, but there are still some people that don’t know, or haven’t ventured to this hidden gem. We figured we would write up a little article on what makes our turf so special, some things that you should do when visiting, and just shine a light on what makes it such a magical place!


  1. The Street Art! Well ye, let’s face it, the street art is everywhere in the Wick. You can’t walk down without seeing buildings adorned with murals, and graffiti cladded walls. And if you’re a street art aficionado, then the Wick is the place to be. The most wonderful part of it is that it’s ever evolving, and constantly changing, let’s a metamorphosing gallery, if you will.
  2. The bubbling community: The Wick was built on and by the community. Underdogs, creatives, artists, always converged around the Wick, and made it what it now is: a haven for like minded people! Just have a stroll down the street and you will see close and tight the people of Hackney Wick are. Familiar faces and local workers greeting each other, like a little family, if you will.
  3. The Canal: Flowing through Hackney Wick, like a main artery, is our beautiful canal! And what may seem like an insignificant feature to some, is what makes the neighbourhood so special. Sit down at a bar overlooking the canal, and you will see people kayaking, people cleaning up the canal on Stand Up Paddles, locals sailing up and down on their barge beer in hand, or even people canoeing down the pub, like thirsty pirates. It also makes for quite the view at sunset and sunrise. Absolutely stunning!
  4. The Olympic Park: And speaking of beautiful scenes and space, being right by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park definitely brings some of that! From the quite peculiar Arcelor Mittal Tower standing proudly next to the main Stadium, to the little canals and green spaces that are always a good choice for a stroll, it brings that peace and quiet, as well as a certain eerie grandiose piece of nature in otherwise rather industrial looking surroundings, it is definitely worth a visit when you come and visit the Wick.
  5. Number 90 Bar, obviously! Well yeah, last but very much not least, you have Number 90 Bar & Kitchen! And can you believe that we actually manage to combine all of the above, all under one roof! Being situated right on the canal, where we get to see life passing by on a daily basis, you have a view on the Olympic Park, right from the comfort of our benches! Having been there for over 6 years, we get to see the community grow, and come and go, making us a true meeting place for all the locals, and being the backbone of Number 90. Some of the locals also have graced us with their art on our walls, the centerpiece of our humble abode. No matter where you look, there will be art. So while we stand out, with our beautiful murals greeting you straight from the street, we also blend into the neighborhood perfectly, like a beautiful chameleon if you will. And with some of the best music, played on the regular by our fantastic resident DJs, the seasonal food and cocktails menu being carefully crafted by our amazing team, as well as an ample selection of local and not so local amazing drinks, if you want the full Hackney Wick experience, then there’s no better way than stopping by Number 90 Bar & Kitchen!


Well well well, if that doesn’t convince you to come and pay us a visit, we don’t know what will, really! We feel truly blessed to be in such a special neighbourhood, and we thank all of our community for keeping us going all these years. You can check WHAT’S ON HERE for fully up to date events, and have a look at our MENU for when you want to BOOK A TABLE to come and get your Hackney Wick and Number 90 fix!


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