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Meet our head chef at Number 90!

Last updated on December 25th, 2023 at 03:09 pm

Behind the walls of Number 90 in Hackney, a culinary journey awaits, led by the talented Head Chef, Jay. At Number 90, it’s not just about the vibrant events, world-class DJs, or stunning art that adorns the walls; it’s also about the exceptional food that makes this place a gastronomic landmark in Hackney.

Introducing our head chef: Jay!

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It’s no surprise that we are renowned for many things at Number 90. We have been putting on more crazy events than we can remember, we have had numerous world class DJs coming through the door, we have hosted festivals, our walls are clad with work from artists from all four corners, and our cocktails and a great selection of drinks, best enjoyed by the canal.

But can you say Number 90 without thinking of our Sunday Roast or our staple activated charcoal bun TNG Burger? We don’t think so either. And with a hard-working kitchen team, always comes a brain behind the menu and operations. And we would like you to meet Jay, our new head chef!

If you have been with us recently, you’ll already have seen the Jay-touch on our menu, adding finger-licking delicious dishes such as the Korean chicken and hake burger. And with Christmas around the corner, we thought we’d get you up to speed with the festive menu, how Jay came up with it, and what’s his story!


Hello Jay! Tell us a little bit about you and your background!
Hello everyone! I’m Jay and i’m the head chef at Number 90. I have been working as a chef for over 16 years now, starting  at the young age of 16, full-time in the kitchen at The Dorchester Hotel, originally as an apprentice for 3 years. I worked my way up the ranks, earning my stripes for the next very formative 6 years. I then moved on to open Chop Shop on Haymarket, taking on the role of senior sous chef with my best friend as head chef. After two and a half years there, he moved on and i took over the head chef role for two more years, before joining the team at The Alexandra, a gastro pub in South East London where I worked for a further two years. And now here i am, behind the stove in Hackney Wick at Number 90!


What drew you to the kitchen, and made you want to become a chef?
I have always loved to cook from a very young age, and told my family I was going to be a chef when I was 14 years old. I was always watching cooking programs on television. I think it was probably Gary Rhodes that really caught my attention the most, and sure enough from then, there was no looking back.


What’s your favourite home cooked meal and how do you make it?
I don’t really consider having a specific style or niche when it comes to my cooking, but I usually lean towards my classical training from The Dorchester, but always adding a modern twist to it. When It comes to cooking at home, it’s normally always comfort food. Big warming dishes in the middle of the table, for everyone to share and enjoy the moment!

My fiancé’s favourite is Shepherd’s Pie (a real staple in the household, so that gets cooked quite often). The main key to it is making sure you always use a super high quality lamb mince and stock, whip up a creamy buttery mash. And don’t forget to beat in a few egg yolks off the heat, to get that extra crispy crust that people will be talking about for years to come. You can’t beat that classic comfort dish.


Bloody hell you’re making me hungry. How did you design the christmas menu for this year at Number 90, and what do you think makes a good Christmas meal?
With everything that has happened around the world this year, I truly wanted to have a Christmas menu that was nostalgic and fun. Christmas and December in general is the time to get together, enjoy your loved ones’ company and celebrate. That’s what our sharing starters and desserts are about, that no frill, well made and delicious food, paired with that family feeling, with everyone getting stuck in, chatting, boozing and having a laugh. That’s what i wanted to bring to the table, and i think we’ve done very well!

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What an addition to our team, right?! His presence has been felt around Number 90 already, and we can insure you that the food will be at the forefront of this Christmas at Number 90. You won’t be forgetting it any time soon. If you want to have a look at what he’s got in the bag for you, look no further!


Sharing Starter Platter

Oak Smoked Salmon, chive & shallot crème fraiche
White onion parmesan mousse, chervil crostini
Wild mushroom & truffle arancini
Butternut squash & sage parfait crostini
Classic prawn cocktail in baby gem

Plated Mains

Sage roasted turkey breast, roasted potatoes, braised red cabbage, sprouts, honey & cumin parsnip & carrots, buttered kale, pigs in blankets
Dry aged prime rump steak, roasted potatoes, braised red cabbage, sprouts, honey & cumin parsnip & carrots, buttered kale, pigs in blankets
Grilled salmon fillet, roasted potatoes, marinated green beans & white wine cream sauce
Vegan wild mushroom & chestnut Wellington, roasted potatoes, braised red cabbage, sprouts, honey & cumin parsnip & carrots, kale & vegan gravy
Turkey mince patty, pork & sage patty wrapped in smoked streaky bacon, cranberry mayo and gem lettuce

Dessert Platter

Flaming Christmas pudding
Yule log
Strawberry cheesecake

All served with vanilla custard, brandy butter & Chantilly cream



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