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90 Residents Spotlight Mix- Discs of Fun & Love

Last updated on June 8th, 2020 at 07:05 pm

How about we provide you with some regular mixes, and a little Q&A from our beloved residents, while we wait for this to blow over, and get to party all under one roof?

We start this lil’ series with Discs of Fun and Love, a label run by Miche and Frederika. Both of them spread their time between London musical institutions such as Spiritland, NTS and Worldwide FM. In their spare time they continue to dig for the next essential record to add to their ever growing collections.

The label itself shines a light on forgotten music and focuses on bringing lost, soulful treasures to the dance floor once more. Affordable, remastered and beautifully packaged, no aspect is forgotten in their quest to re-release a product the artist can be proud of sharing once again.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

90: Hey Frederika! Let’s get to business shall we? What’s your prized possession record?
F:   Karin Jones – Under The Influence of Love

90: What new music have you been listening to?
F:   There is something new I’m into every month but right now it’s jungle.

90: How have you been spending time in isolation?
F:   I do the same things I did before, minus the gigs and spending time with my friends. I search for new music, I read books (one every three days, so it’s getting out of hand) and watching movies from the 60’s (this is new, actually)

90: Have you got any tv show recommendations?
F:   I recently finished watching Dawson’s Creek. I needed something to watch that I thought my boyfriend wouldn’t take an interest in, because I didn’t have anything for when I was by myself, but I ended up really enjoying that show. There are loads of episodes and they go by real quick so it’s great for self-isolation.

90: What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
F:   Whigfield – Saturday Night but it’s not really guilty 🙂

90: Give us your favourite recipe.
F:   It’s something that I make as a snack and all my friends love it. It’s super quick – you heat a bit of oil and fry one green chilli for about a minute. Then you put some defrosted corn kernels and fry until they start popping. Season with salt and dried oregano and remove from the stove. Put in bowls and top it with some mayo, crumbled feta cheese and chilli powder. Et voila, super simple!

90: Have you taken on a new hobby?
F:   I revisited an old hobby actually, fashion. I started buying fashion magazines again and following the collections, it gives me lots of inspo.

90: Who’s your favourite female artist?
F:   I’m really into Ellen McIlwaine at the moment but favourite female artist of all time must be Fiona Apple.

90: What’s your favourite work by them?
F:   Ellen McIlwaine  – Honky Tonk Angel (but you should watch her live performances, she’s the Slide Goddess!), Fiona Apple – When The Pawn.

Here’s their mix, made by Frederika, to keep you in the mood. See you soon for our next Resident Spotlight Mix and interview!

Team 90 x


90 Main Yard, Wallis Road,

E9 5LN, London.