90 Resident Spotlight #8-Disco Haus

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 08:03 am

They are loved by you, and we are sure that they are loved by us as well!

As half of Disco Haus (with C.Hillier as the other half), Johnny Sacreé is an all-star gentleman who regularly shakes the dance floor at Number 90. After a brief chin wag, we just got a few music recommendations about what he’s been up to during confinement, which was not a very long period for him.


Number 90: Quickfire question, you can only listen to one song for the rest of your life?
Johnny: Hmmmm…………… Very very difficult question but if i had to pick one it would be Michael Jackson – Wanna Be starting’ Something!

90: Introduce yourself!
J: My name is Johnny Sacreé and I am a dj/producer/label owner and also one of the Number 90 resident dj’s. I run an event called Disco Haus at 90 along with fellow founder C.Hillier. We have been running Disco Haus at 90 for around 1.5 years – big thanks to Lucinda and Bruno for supporting us at 90 and keep inviting us back.

Disco Haus is all about feel good music and we span several genres during our sets. Its great to be able to play for several hours to build a vibe up especially on the Funktion-One system at 90. We took Disco Haus on tour last year and ran an event over Ibiza at a Beach Club which was definitely a bucket list box ticked. We had planned to do the same this year but unsure at the moment with Corona.

As a producer I regularly release on mine and other labels. I’ve been lucky enough to have my music played and supported by some of the big tastemakers Sasha, Hotsince82, Alan Fitzpatrick, Erick Morilla and Steve Lawler. Work wise I work within the construction industry as my day job with the music passion a side hustle.

90: What’s your prized possession record?
J: It would 100% have to be Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Directors Cut Signature Club Mix) record


Have you listened to any new music recently during confinement?
J: I really like a new artist who has broken through recently called Blueprint. He has recently put out a track called “Shy kids get no sweets” which is proper dope. The second one would be Don’t Believe the Hype. It is actually myself and Chris (sorry bit of selfless promotion). We have recently had a release on Plastik People Recordings with our track “Dimensions”, and also have a full 3 track EP called Booty Call dropping any week now on Rhythm Vibe Records. We test a lot of our new music while spinning at 90 so expect the freshest music if you come to check us out!

90: Grand! How have you been spending time in isolation?
J: I’ve pretty much continued working in my day job so I have not had a proper lockdown/confined to 4 walls. That said I have been producing lots of music, listening to lots of new music and most importantly recording the mix for you guys!

90: Time well spent there! Do you have any recommendations for TV shows?
J: I’m not a TV head but I like Grand Designs. As my job is in the construction industry it’s nice to watch other people trying to build their dream homes and see all the challenges they face.

90: What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
J: Wham – Club Tropicana – BOOM. Absolute anthem

90: Can’t fault you on that one. If you had to choose one recipe, what would it be? What soundtrack would you choose for that recipe?
J: I’m not very hot on cooking so i’ll give you my ideal Sunday morning food/drink music combo:
-Fresh Coffee – milk to taste. No sugar.
-Pain au Chocolat – straight from the oven.
-Raspberry’s – washed.
-Glass of sparkling water.
Sasha – Scene Delete Album – Late Night Tales

FANTASTIC! Please take a moment to listen to the mix, which has been curated just for you!

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