90 Resident Spotlight #6-Tom Grainger
News 90 Resident Spotlight #6-Tom Grainger

90 Resident Spotlight #6-Tom Grainger

Wow! Resident Spotlight #6 already?!

We hope you guys all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and that our Resident Mixes were put to good use! We are joined this week by resident Grainger, who’s love for The Sopranos knows no bounds. And as per usual, a tasty mix to get you pumped for the upcoming weekend. That being said, does it even matter what day of the week it is anymore?

Get to meet lovely Tom!

90: Start off with a quickfire question. You have to choose one song for the rest of your life, no explanation.What is it?
Tom: Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way

90: Dang, great choice! Introduce yourself to everyone!
Tom: I’m Grainger, originally from Yorkshire and now residing in the wonderful Hackney Wick. work at a music booking agency by day, DJ by night. I’ve been lucky enough to play records in lots of incredible places over the years. and i also host a monthly Rinse FM show which I love.

90: What’s your prized possession record?
Tom: Probably my Aphex Twin Run Jeremy Bootleg . So naughty they no longer sell it on Discogs

90: Better hold on to that one! What new music have you been listening to?
Tom: Really enjoying Andras‘  ‘Joyful’ mini album which was released on Tim Sweeny‘s Beats In Space earlier this year. My old house mate Swoose has just released a really strong EP called “Introspective” on Shall Not Fade. Been jamming that a lot too..

90: How have you been spending time in isolation?
Tom: It’s mainly been spent in my flat! Listening to music, planning radio shows and mixes. Working my way through The Sopranos box set for the first time, reading the Hacienda book along with some basic music theory stuff. I’ve also been learning piano (very slowly. ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ on lock though) whilst dabbling in Ableton…oh and playing Fifa…lots of that.

90: Sounds like a busy schedule! Have you got any tv show recommendations for us?
Tom: THE SOPRANOS. I’m totally obsessed and im only a few seasons in. Everything pales in comparison.

90: Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?
Tom: I’m a proper 80’s pop tart. Sucker for a synthline and catchy hook.

90: Aren’t we all. Give us your favourite recipe, and what would be the soundtrack to that recipe?
Tom: Ok so i’m not much of a chef but I’ve cooked 2 things i’m proud of since lockdown. First was a Big Mac and I nailed it. Got the sauce tasting exactly the same as the official one. Second was a Sopranos Sunday Meatball recipe from their cookbook. Was super meaty and rich but tasted really good. I found a soundtrack playlist so naturally that was on in the background.


Well if this doesn’t make you go watch The Sopranos, i don’t know what will! Thanks to Tom for a lovely interview, go and check out his mix and see you soon for another Resident Spotlight!

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