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90 Resident Spotlight #5-Everybody Loves to Boogie

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 08:48 am

Hey everyone! Ben here, back with your dose of things to do in lockdown!

We talk with Peter, the founder of Everyone Loves to Boogie, this week as part of our Resident Spotlight series. Everybody Loves To Boogie launched as an online platform to promote upcoming artists and their music. labels, they’re now evolving into a movement to get everyone around the world dancing. Their focus is to create a fun and vibrant space where no matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re more than welcome in their community.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

90: Hello Peter! So, what’s your prize possession record?
Everybody Loves to Boogie: Only one record really comes to mind when asked this, I definitely value my records more for sentimental reasons then their actual worth. This record came from when my Dad lived in Paris in the 60s, Dennis and his friend were looking to produce a film about the jazz scene there at the time. Sadly this project ran out of funding and the film itself never got to see the light of day. However I still hold an acetate of part of the music that was going to be used. The recording is of a live session of improvised blues with artists like Donald Byrd, Walter David, Al Levitt and more! It’s very old now and doesn’t sound great but I love it because you hear everything from their chat, joking around before and after playing plus the odd shout and laugh throughout. It’s something that very few people will have heard and will never be recorded again, it really is a one off.

90: What new music have you been listening to?
ELTB: Luckily there has been plenty of new music coming out recently to get stuck into. I seem to have been listening to a lot of compilations, mainly because some fantastic ones have recently been released. For example the latest on Athens Of The North, ‘For The Love Of You’ compiled by Sam Don. It’s a beautiful selection of Lovers Rock covers and I am a sucker for both a good cover and lovers rock in general so it is right up my street. It’s hard to pick a favourite but Karen Dixon’s ‘I Want To Be Free’ is very very smooth. Also the latest DJ Kicks by the one and only Mr. Scruff is a solid 31 track selection of dance floor numbers and oddities from all over, it’s definitely worth checking out. The last compilation I want to mention is Rhythm Sections ‘Shouts’ which is a collection of music from artists the label has worked with over the last 5 years. There is a real eclectic mix of styles on this and so something for everything in the whopping 36 tracks, the vinyl release has some of the standout selections on it to.

90: Lovely stuff! How have you been spending time in isolation?
ELTB: Isolation has had its ups and downs so far, I’m sure it has for most people but I do feel very grateful to have lots to keep us busy at home. Firstly I have been trying to produce a few more EPs under my Delonte Rivers alias, I haven’t had much time for this recently so it’s been fun working on new music. We’ve also been doing a lot of gardening and planted a lot of fruit and veg, we should start to see some lettuce, rocket, broccoli, tomatoes, radishes and strawberries growing soon! We’ve also redecorated the bathroom which took a good few days pulling out and resealing everywhere plus a fresh paint job, it looks so much better now. We’re also trying to be as social as we can, so have been hosting and taking part in weekly pub quizzes over Zoom with family and friends, each one is themed and everyone has to dress up, our latest one was Space Disco themed which was very funny. Sociable gaming too, we’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart with friends and we keep a group call on loud speaker to everyone can shout at each other, it can get competitive. Lastly I’ve been focusing some time on ELTB and trying to build the brand so we can come out of this bigger and better then ever.

90: So many zoom calls it hurts haha. Have you got any tv show recommendations for us?
ELTB: Like most people, we have been watching a lot of TV, to the point where it all starts blurring into one. But there have been a few stand out shows that are definitely worth a watch. Firstly DEVS on BBC is great, it’s shot beautifully and has a crazy soundtrack. Unorthodox on Netflix is really interesting, it’s loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography and shows a side of life that some people might not know a lot about. For some light hearted viewing, Race Across The World on BBC is really fun, we always wonder how good we’d in the race, I reckon we’d do alright, make it to the end at least and enjoy ourselves along the way. Tiger King of course was crazy, it’s worth checking out the Louis Theroux on big cats in America which features Joe a lot. Lastly we have to mention Killing Eve, one of the best series we have going at the moment.

90: It seems like everyone has been on Unorthodox and Tiger King then! What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
ELTB: I’m not sure if this counts as a guilty pleasure as this albums been blowing up but I have been rating Erika de Casier’s album Essentials lately. She has a really good fusion of new R&B and G-Funk with a nod to the classic sounds to, her lyrics are great plus its all tied together with some solid productions from DJ Sports and El Trick. Hannah says I’m listening to the female Justin Bieber but I don’t care, the albums great.

90: Give us your favourite recipe
ELTB: We have been making some really tasty blueberry muffins recently. We’ve been baking muffins for years but only recently worked out the secret ingredient is yogurt! Standard plain yogurt will do but you could use greek style to make them even creamier. Just add a generous serving to the mix, plus plenty of blueberries and trust us, they are the real deal.

90: Have you taken on a new hobby?
ELTB: I haven’t taken on a new hobby, not yet anyway, I’ve mainly just tried to build on my existing ones. For example my piano skills are ok, enough to get by when producing but there’s a huge room for improvement. So I have been trying to learn a new song a day and then thinking about the type of progressions they use in my own work. I’ve been slacking the last few weeks with this but will get back into the routine of it soon. I would like learn how to bake more, we have made a few loaves since we’ve been locked down but it would be interesting to develop on this and learn some more recipes and techniques. We’d both like to start learning the bass guitar to, I did play it at school but that was so long ago. It would be great to record our own funky bass lines, we might have to invest in one soon.

90: Who’s your favourite female artist?
ELTB: There is so much talent out there at the moment that it is hard to pick just one, so I am going to pick two. Firstly my favourite live performer currently has to be Yasmin Lacey, I have been delving into her back catalogue recently and she has made some beautiful music. Her latest EP, Morning Matters on On Your Own is really nice, stick it on when you wake up is the best way to start your day, it will surely put you in a good mood. My favourite DJ / Producer has to be Paula Tape. I’ve been getting into the slower side of electronic music a lot, cosmic house, balearic, dub disco, however you want to describe it, I’m into it. Her track for Rhythm Section’s Shouts, Panamaricana is a massive dance floor mover, I can’t wait to start dropping that on a big system. Paula only has a few releases to date and I am very excited to hear what she has in store for us in the future.

90: What’s your favourite work by them?
ELTB: My favourite Yazmin Lacey track is ‘Something My Heart Trusts’ from her First Word Records EP When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees. The song starts so well, with a lovely groove and her on-point vocals, it then develops into so much more, I’ve played it out quite a few times now. My favourite Paula Tape track is Agua Congas from her EP of the same name on the Canadian label SOBO. Again, I have played this out loads, a great warm-up track which is very deep and dubby. The Project Pablo remix of this is also knock-out, a highly recommended EP!


Well thanks, Peter for another great interview! Check out their mix for a bit of pre-bank holiday good vibes! For some insider knowledge on how to start a music podcast, you may also wish to check out the video of “A Chit Chat with… A Music Podcaster here” with Adam Vallely from Audience Please Podcast.

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