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90 Resident Spotlight #3-Women in Jazz

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 10:31 am

It’s time for our third episode of 90 Resident Spotlight, and we’re going back to the old format this time. The video will be a little shorter, but the interview will still be of high quality.

Our guest this week is Louise from the resident superstars Women in Jazz, for another interview and tasty super eclectic mix for your ears to enjoy!

Women in Jazz are a broadcasting and events organisation dedicated to championing and nurturing female Jazz artists across the UK. Some of their partners include: Ronnie Scott’s, Barbican, Worldwide FM and Allbright.


Alright Louise! Let’s get to it! And thanks for doing the 90 Resident Spotlight and mix!

Number 90: What’s your prized possession record?
Louise: George Benson, Breezin – 1976

90: What new music have you been listening to?
L: Shabaka Hutchings and The Ancestors-We Are Sent By History, Elaine Elias’ Love Stories and Sea Breeze by Chick Corea.

90: How have you been passing time during isolation?
L: I never thought I’d get into running, but I have! I’ve also been pretending/thinking I am Delia Smith every day, cooking loads of tasty delights. This weekend I’ll be hosting a baked bean challenge with some friends: turning Heinz baked beans into a Michelin star meal. What else.. oh…the classic Friday night virtual pub quiz on Zoom.

I’m still working – although pretty much all of the tours and live events I have been working on have been cancelled. It’s been an intense, stressful but fun challenge having to adapt to life in quarantine. On a positive note, Women in Jazz has a brand new radio show starting on British Airways in September. I’m also working on an exciting collaborative album with Yazz Ahmed, who I have the pleasure of managing.

90: Congratulations on the British Airways gig, that is massive! Have you got any tv show recommendations for us?
L: I’m late to the party, but I have just started Mad Men. It’s incredible! The ultimate period drama.

90: Absolute classic. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
L: Dad rock? It’s not even a guilty pleasure to be honest. I absolutely love The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Eagles. Last year, I saw Donald Fagan perform at the 02 amongst thousands of dads. One guy said: ‘she’s too young to be here’….and proud.

90: Hard not to feel happy when a bit of Dire Straits pops up. Haha. Give us your favourite recipe!
L: So many! My mum’s spinach quiche is incredible, my auntie’s home-made anchovy Pizza. I’m into Nigel Slater at the moment and would highly recommend his noodle soup with soured cream and lentils. It’s super easy to make and absolutely delicious:

90: Have you taken on a new hobby during lockdown?
L: Aside from running and cooking, I now have the time to read again. It’s not a really new hobby, but I appreciate books now more than ever. Kazuo Ishiguro with a glass of wine? Yes please!

90: Who’s your favourite female artist?
L: That’s a really difficult question. There are so many – and they are my favourite not because they are women, but because they are killer artists….musicians, composers, activists. I’d have to go with Nina Simone. I can’t not. Her music is painful, manic, versatile. She has this incredible ability to make listeners feel exactly what she is feeling.

90: And what’s your favourite work by them ?
L: Lilac Wine.

We’ve been on a roll with this series, and we hope you’re having as much fun reading/listening to them as we have making them.

Let us know what guys think, the feedback and suggestions box is wide open, and see you next week for another instalment with one of our beloved resident! You can also check the previous posts here.

Team 90 x


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