Our food menu is available all day between 12-10PM.
On Sunday, we serve only roasts from 12pm until 5pm, after which we switch to our regular menu.



Chicken Wings with a mild chipotle BBQ sauce served on top of a white seasame seed, shallot and coraiander salad 6
Mac N Cheese balls with broccoli and bacon served with a cheese sauce drizzled over the top 5
Buddha Salad with quinoa, sliced red rainbow beetroot, avocado, shredded carrot and an avocado dressing (VG) (GF) 9
Coleslaw – red cabbage, shredded carrot, spring onion, green apple, lemon juice and balsamic dressing 3
TNG activated charcoal bun beef burger – with our own in-house sauce, red Leicester cheese, lettuce and tomato 9
Chicken burger served on a sesame seed bun, marianted crispy breaded chicken, baby gem lettuce, red onion, tomato aïoli and chorizo 9
Pulled pork burger – Chef’s own BBQ pulled pork served with crunchy red slaw and a slice of apple on a floured burger bun 8
Vegan burger served in a vegan bun, with a chickpea and courgette patty with lettuce, tomato and an avocado sauce 8
24 hour marianated rosemary fries served with a condiment of your choice 3.5
Sweet potato fries with parsley, pomegranate seeds, and an avocado and tzatziki sauce 5
Courgetti fries served with tzatziki sauce and sesame seeds 4.5
Deep-fried halloumi with sliced mint and lemon juice 5
Spicy potato criolla served with a hot salsa verde 3.5
Cassava fries served with a jalapeño sauce 4
Salted caramel brownie served with vanilla ice cream (GF) 4.5
Three scoops of vanilla ice cream served with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar or chocolate sauce 4.5
Orange-pecan polenta cake served with vanilla ice cream 4.5